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Friday, June 4, 2010

Westward HO!!


  1. I like this post and pictures taken with your Olympus EP1. Very interesting, especially those images at www.pbase.com

    For this particular post Westward HO!!, which camera did you use? You shot in raw mode?? May I know the photo size.


  2. Yes, these photos were shot with the ePL-1. I took only this camera on the trip, so ALL images from the journey are taken with this camera. I shot in raw, but didn't have my large computer with me; processed in PS Elements 8 .....from jpegs. I have several of these images for sale on Acclaim and those are processed from the raw files.

  3. Sorry not to id the photo size. This is processed at 72 dpi and is 800X600 pixels. It is a small image. I like this one too even though it is not in perfect focus. It reminds me of 19th century landscapes.


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